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We are glad to welcome you on our new blog. Looking for information about all the latest entertainment trends, reviews, ideas for amusement business and best WIK offers, you could not get to the better place. We are going to change your perspective on the whole industry, but before we get started, it is time to present who we are.

About WIK


It was back in 1992 when two young bussinesman-to-be established a small company. Its purpose was to meet the needs of a growing amusement market in Europe. They started in a garage, where they built their first pool table. WIK(which stands for the founders’ names Widenka and Kluska) has been succesful ever since. Today WiK is probably the biggest producer of amusement devices that is proudly labeled “made in Europe”. The wide range of WiK games is produced at nearly 10 000m2 by a perfectly qualified staff, working with best technologies and using solutions that have been patented. During the 27 years of  it’s existance, WiK produced or distributed nearly 100 000 of amusement devices.

What you will find on our blog


We believe that our industry will be growing for many more years to come. This is why we feel obliged to educate our current and future customers,  share our knowledge and ideas related to the amusement industry. On our blog, you will find tips on starting and growing your amusement business, data proving the potential of our games, reliable and unbiased reviews as well as notifications about new WIK products. Our experience allows us to come up with great blog ideas that you will surely find interesting.

Keep up with our content


This blog is going to be the place where we will share precious knowledge. But do not worry, we do not expect anything in return. All that we ask for is your engagement and eagerness to participate in the growth of our blog. Whenever you learn something new, share the content with your friends and business partners. Feel free to ask questions and wait for our new knowledge-base articles. 

Also you can check our official website – WIK – The best amusement equipment!

See You!
Grzegorz & Justyna


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About us

WIK has been involved in arcade and amusement devices manufacturing since 1992. The company has evolved from the small business focused mainly on producing pool tables into a thriving enterprise with the sales number exceeding 50 000 devices. The long-standing winning streak has resulted in a wide range of products. The company is internationally known for the highest quality products including arcade and electronic games that can be found in numerous entertainment centers, bars, eateries, as well as amusement and theme parks round the world. WIK also specializes in exhibition pavilions and other facilities for amusement business. The company is continuously raising its standards and extending the range of marvelous products. On this blog, you will find the latest news from the industry, unbiased reviews, and many tips on how you can grow your amusement business.

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